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We will get you the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, with the least impact on your life.


During our comprehensive listing appointment, we will assess your home thoroughly, present a current market analysis, and create a personalized selling plan tailored to your preferences. Rely on us for clear guidance in making well-informed decisions about your property.


When selling your home PRESENTATION matters and a huge part of that is having a deep clean. This includes windows, appliances and the home. Do not worry, we will coordinate with professional cleaners to make sure your home is “SHOW” ready before it hits the market.


In a buyer’s market, staging is a necessity. Whether you prefer a subtle touch or a more comprehensive transformation, we’ll collaborate to create a tailored plan within your budget to showcase your home in the best possible light, attracting a multitude of potential buyers. Here’s a proven fact: Staged homes not only sell faster but also command higher prices than their unstaged counterparts.


Accept nothing less than professional quality. Your home’s online appearance is crucial for attracting buyers. That’s why we provide a comprehensive package, featuring a video walkthrough, aerial images showcasing the local area, and high-resolution interior and exterior photos.


We send biweekly updates showing how many views across all media and listing platforms, how many showings, honest feedback along with comparable properties that have been listed or sold.


Part of how we present your home to the world is to create a walk through video or virtual tour of both the property & the area. We believe this allows buyers to experience being there without disrupting you. We find those who book a showing are serious before they have even stepped foot inside your home.


We use the latest technology to keep your home safe by releasing the lockbox ONLY to the buyer’s agent. Our software also allows us to contact everyone that has shown your home with a click of a button. No missed offer opportunities with us.


Full-service, a-la-carte, flat fee, sliding scale we have got it all and are happy to negotiate. Most clients choose our full-service offering as it is hard to turn down. But even that option is negotiable if you buy through us or refer someone.

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    Sell your home or family estate today with team builds by the bay real estate services in the blue mountains and surrounding areas. Description of full listing services for our sellers in Thornbury, The Blue Mountains, Meaford and Collingwood Real Estate surrounding areas.

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