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Fun Family Bonding Projects during Covid19

Posted by buildsbythebay on May 13, 2020
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Spring has Sprung and it’s time to start cleaning. In my area the dump wasn’t open due to covid19 but now that the powers that be recognize that this isn’t a place where anyone wants to be social it has reopened. Since we are in a wait and see time period, I am psyched to start cleaning and decluttering. My dad and mom used to lovingly refer our to do list as “fun family bonding projects”. To be clear they were not fun and if fighting means bonding then we did that!

To avoid the in house fighting while decluttering and cleaning, put on some great tunes, pour some wine, and get the kids involved. If you can turn this into a math or science lesson kudos to you! If you start with a closet or two a day, you will power through your whole house in no time. Use the 3 bin method, 1 bin for garbage, 1 bin for donations and 1 bin to keep. Be ruthless. Give some love to that pair of jeans you haven’t worn then donate them. Someday you will may fit back in them but NOT during a pandemic where the mantra of the day is, ” what are we eating next?” Inside of 1 week you will be ready for the garage.

Ah the Garage…how the heck did this area get so cluttered? How many pool noodles do I need? We don’t own a pool! Time to back the car, lawn mower, bikes and any other movable items out of the garage. If you don’t have shelves time to invest. I like to think assembling storage shelves is the adult version of Lego. Why did we have so much patience for Lego and none for shelf assembly? Another one of life’s mysteries! I promise, shelves will make the garage into a place of organised awesomeness. Apply the same 3 bin policy and voila the garage should be done in a day. Next you and the fam get to tackle the basement.

Nothing bonds a family more that cleaning and organizing the basement as one. Here you will be going to the island of forgotten toys and tripping down memory lane. Hmmm empty beer bottles from the 90’s you collected. Good news, I am sure you could get a nickle now for each one you recycle. Ohhhh look…mildew infused baby clothes in a cardboard box, wash em up and donate them. Unless, you are pregnant, then by all means just wash them. Wait… old camping equipment used once when you thought camping would be a great cheap fun filled family get away. Let’s face it you are a cottage person now. Time to donate that camping equipment after you make sure it isn’t damaged please. No one wants that leaking air mattress Karen!

The bottom line is no one likes to declutter or clean but if you do it as a family and make it fun you will have a brand new outlook and feel great about your home. You may look at the house and say it’s been a great home never looked better…I think it is time to sell or at least find out what it is worth. To get a free home value report contact us today.

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