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7 new years resolutions for your home

Posted by Claire on January 1, 2021
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Well thank GAWD 2020 is over eh? Now is the time of year when everyone starts making their New Year’s resolutions. With so many of us working from home, I think the best resolutions are anything to do with improving your space. I have come up with 7 New Years resolutions to help you put your best home forward for 2021.

  1. Clear clutter, to clear your mind 

It is true! I know I feel heaps better after a good ole decluttering. It can definitely feel overwhelming so start small and tackle one room at a time. Donate any clothing you no longer wear, kitchen gadgets, household decor, etc. to our local BVO, donation centre or consign with Loved you Madly (@lovedyoumadly). While in each room de-clutter any counters or surfaces, and organize items into designated shelves, drawers or bins. If it seems too daunting and this is something you feel you can “hire out” visit Refresh-It (@refreshitbluemountains) on Instagram – Jan will help you out.

  1. Deep clean for deep calm

With all your items picked up and your space de-cluttered – now it’s time to get dirty. Dust, vacuum, wipe down mirrors/glass, mops and disinfect surfaces. Your home will feel brand new! Odds & Sods (@odds_and_sods) does a terrific deep clean if you don’t feel up to the task!

  1. Mechanical’s clean for peace of mind

Have you cleaned out your vents, ducts, washing machine or dryer (be sure to check lint traps and behind your dryer for nearby vents that may have sucked in dryer lint). Also be sure to change out that HVAC filter.

  1. Change batteries… change your life

Replace all the batteries in your remotes, flashlights, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms.

  1. Environment swaps create a better planet 

New year resolution of being more environmentally friendly? Little changes will make a big difference. Why not make the switch to: LED Light bulbs (and remember to turn lights off when you leave a room) and install a low-flow shower head.

  1. Repairs repair your soul 

The new year is a wonderful time to get all those little repairs around the house done. If you are like me you sigh and add the repair to the “to do list” that never seems to get done. I have watched so many DIY videos and I can’t seem to repair or fix anything which is why I now have a handy man on Speed dial. He can be reached here Thornbury Handyman

  1. Home Goals give you something to live for

Dreams can become reality so I want you to come up with a couple goals for your home this next year. Have you always wanted to turn that spare bedroom into an office? Looking to renovate your basement to add a work out room? Think about what decor feature you’d like to add to make your space really feel like home. It’s hard to believe but yellow was the colour of the year for 2020, so why not add an accent wall of lemon yellow? My whole house is green so I am no stranger to bold colour, nor should you be.

Need help reimagining your space? I work with a wonderful designer whose designs really inspire me. Check out Zoya’s stylings: Lukshaus interior design.

Want those renovation dreams to come true? Contact Imagine, Design, Construct for your custom build project, this dude creates magical spaces!

Shameful plug time…Using a local REALTOR® means you get local knowledge so do not hesitate to contact me for any other local recommendations help. If you have completed this new year’s resolution list and have decided it is time to List your house then be sure to add Contact Trish Duncan to your to-do list! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 is going to be EPIC!

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