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Are there other beaches besides Wasaga Beach for families?

Posted by buildsbythebay on April 8, 2020
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Yes, Dear reader there are some fantastic beaches all around Southern Georgian Bay.  Summer 2020 will soon be upon us and once the covid19 restrictions are lifted, many of you will be more than ready to visit some of our local area beaches.

Many city people like to head to Wasaga beach for their well earned day at the beach. Having said that, your family may not want that type of beach day. Lucky for you there are many smaller beaches and conservation areas for families throughout Southern Georgian Bay to explore. The unknown beaches and swimming areas offer something a little off the beaten path for families looking for new adventures.   

Looking to hike to a waterfall? Maybe scuba diving is more your thing? If you prefer plain ole swimming that is fine too!  Southern Georgian Bay is home to many gorgeous areas to partake in these activities. I am including a link to the interactive website for Bruce Grey and Simcoe areas. It is super handy not only to discover new locations, but also give some insight on what each location offers.Make sure you plan times and dates well in advance. Who has been to the Grotto? If you have let me know what your experience was like. It is on my bucket list!  

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