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Phase 4 Lora Bay Master Collection Available June 2020!

Posted by buildsbythebay on May 25, 2020
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There is NO stopping Lora Bay phase 4 from releasing soon! Rumour has it that release is coming soon as early as June! To say I am excited about helping purchasers get into Phase 4 Lora Bay is an understatement! I love that both builders have set up their model homes and are prepared for the dueling sales competition that is about to unfold. Having had the distinct pleasure of selling for both Reid’s Heritage Homes and Calibrex Developments over the past 4 years, I can tell you these new models they offer are game changers. These beautiful contemporary designs, really have that “WOW” factor! You read it here first …Phase 4 Lora Bay will be the most coveted area to live in the Southern Georgian Bay.

Rumours say the models will be starting at a cool 1.2 million. For that price tag, you are going to have great expectations for your new home! Just take a drive down Timber Lane in Thornbury and you will see how beautifully those models turned out. The exteriors boast natural wood and stone and a generous windows. Make no mistake, each one of these home have been lovingly designed by each owner with the help of a stellar design team. Your head will spin with glee at the interior choices you will have. Dreaming of designing your own kitchen and ensuite bath? Are cathedral ceilings, open floor plan with master floor living something you have been coveting? If a resounding yes is the answer, these phase 4 models are for you!

I recently ran into Denise, who purchased a beautiful new build in phase 2. She absolutely gushes when speaking about her new community. She said, “I can tell you that the house is actually a distant third after the friendships and lifestyle. We have no regrets and this is the best move we have ever made!”

This past Christmas, I was at a party, and of the 20 couples attending, NOT one of them knew each other 2 years previous! The toast of the evening was, “To lifelong friendship”. These new bestie’s are all enjoying the amenities that go along with living in a golf course community. A lot of residents don’t even golf! They snowshoe, walk or bike the trail. For water activities they head to the bay for Supping or swimming. They enjoy their Friday night meet and greets to check in and say hi. There is even an indoor recreation centre if you care to line dance or zumba.

Now the nitty gritty… payment terms and timelines. Both these builders offer VERY reasonable deposit structures. At the time of writing, the deposit was 15% of model base price, plus lot premium. I let everyone know to budget 15-20% of the base price of your home for upgrades. The deposit on the upgrades is 25%. The timeline for closing is typically a year away. That means, if you write an agreement of purchase and sale June 30, 2020 you will be moving in June 30, 2021. Having a year out close date really helps planning. It will give you time to wind down your “other” life, sell your existing home and transition up here slowly.

For more insider information on these builders, and to make sure you get in for first choice on lots and models, contact me. Remember, the builder’s sales representatives will be representing the builder, I am here for you.

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